Casio G-Shock G–Glide GBX-100NS-1ER


Korpuse mõõt 41 mm x 51 mm
Korpuse materjal Plastik ja roostevaba teras
Mehhanism Kvarts
Veekindlus 20 ATM
Klaasi tüüp Mineraal
Rihma materjal Kumm
Rihma värv Must
Stiil Sportlik kell
Värv Must
Bränd Casio G-Shock

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Take it to the waves with G-LIDE, the G-SHOCK extreme sports line.

In a color scheme inspired by night surfing, the GBX-100 with smartphone connectivity delivers all the info surfers need straight to the wrist. Just set the app to any of 3,300 surf spots around the world to check tide patterns and daylight conditions right where you are.

Enjoy the clearest screen yet with high-resolution Memory in Pixel (MIP) LCD. Check tide graphs, moon age, high/low tide times and levels, and sunrise/sunset times — all at a glance.

Crafted to take on even the craziest wipeouts in wild waves, the guard provides 360° impact protection. The bezel, a fusion of resin and metal, is designed for distinction. Contrasting honing and hairline finishes on the GBX-100 stainless steel upper bezel add the final touch to this stylish sporting timepiece.


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