Casio G-Shock G–Glide GBX100-1


Korpuse mõõt 41 mm x 51 mm
Korpuse materjal Plastik ja roostevaba teras
Mehhanism Kvarts
Veekindlus 20 ATM
Klaasi tüüp Mineraal
Rihma materjal Kumm
Rihma värv Must
Stiil Sportlik kell
Värv Must
Bränd Casio G-Shock

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The new GBX100 models are the latest additions to the G-LIDE lineup of G-SHOCK sports watches, which are a favorite choice among the world’s top surfers. These new models come with the ability to display information required by surfers (high tide and low tide times and levels), and to use a phone application for simple selection of one of approximately 3,300 locations around the globe. The wide face and a high-definition MIP (Memory In Pixel) LCD improves display readability of standard functions like Tide Graph, Moon Data, high tide and low tide times, and sunrise and sunset times. This provides important information about current conditions at a glance, which, in combination with a collection of training measurement functions (distance, speed, pace, lap, pitch), provides plenty of support for surfers who meet new challenges around the globe. In addition to powerful functions, these new models also incorporate advances in design, structure, and materials. The bezels of these models are made of resin and metal to allow them to withstand the impact of underwater rocks better. The surface of the bezel has a stainless steel cover with a hairline and honed finish that creates a look of elegant toughness. A resin guard structure that protects against impact from any direction combines with a button guard at 6 o’clock, which delivers outstanding G-SHOCK protection. The end of the soft urethane band at 6 o’clock has slits to allow the draining of water and sweat for improved comfort.


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